Overcoming Hesitation

Overcoming hesitation is critical to achiving success.

Have you ever heard the saying,

“He Who Hesitates Is Lost”?

This saying basically means that you must take advantage of opportunities by overcoming hesitation when they present themselves.

But so many people “miss the boat” (there’s another great saying, lol) when it comes to opportunities. They freeze. They want to “think about it”. They hesitate instead of taking action.

One of the worst things that you can do to sabotage yourself is hesitate.

But why do we freeze or hesitate? Why do your prospective clients hesitate when it comes to signing your deal at closing time.

It’s because of a fear of the unknown. And that fear of the unknown leads to self doubt. And self doubt leads to hesitation and saying or hearing…”Let me think about it”

Everyone has periods of self doubt. But self-doubt rarely, if ever, leads to any form of success. What it does lead to is incomplete projects, stressful days, sleepless nights, and giving up.

How To Overcome Hesitation

Here’s a blunt way of overcoming hesitation. First of all, realize that one day you will die. Yep, you heard that right. No-one gets out alive, so why are you worrying if this new opportunity doesn’t work out? Unless it’s an opportunity that requires you to completely abandon your current life situation, why not say YES and see what happens?

Second, don’t be a “dabbler“. You won’t put your full effort into this opportunity if you just “dip your toes in the pool”. Dabblers try things and then give up before any reall progress is made. Either jump into the opportunity with everything you have or don’t waste your time. Life is too short to major in minor things!

Third, set goals, schedules and timelines to accomplish them. Also, realize that the best laid plans will also have obstacles. Planning ahead is great because it helps you avoid situations in which you’re caught off guard.

It’s not uncommon for unexpected or unwanted incidents to arise, and you need to be prepared to deal with them swiftly if you want to keep going toward success. By planning ahead, you’re able to know what to do and how to do it when you have to deal with something suddenly.

Dive Into The Deep End

Once you have said yes to your opportunity, decided to dive in and set your basic goals, the next step is to get focused, stay motivated and produce results.

Visualize your end goal every night before you go to sleep and upon wakening in the morning. This will program your subconcious mind to get focused and stay motivated on your goal. But we still want to produce results right?

This is where your to-do schedule and time line comes into play. Get a day planner and map out small action steps to accomplish every day. Overwhelm is common in this stage but by being conscious of it, you can keep it under control.

You’ll want to make a weekly goal and the break it down into two to three daily goals that will result in the main goal being accomplished at the end of the week.

Sure, you might make a bad choice, or run into obstacles, but whatever happens, you will be creating momentum. And that momentum will build upon itself.

By jumping on an opportunity that makes sense for you, going “all in” and then taking daily actions instead of “thinking about it”, you will begin to see that overcoming hesitation is easier than you ever thought possible.

Maybe Nike has it right all along…. “Just Do It!”

Subliminal Sales Trainer and MindPower Coach JimmyG travels across N. America teaching and demonstrating the power of the mind to corporate audiences and sales teams to help them “Get Focused, Say Motivated and Produce Results”

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